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As the URL of this website suggests, my name is Michael Hebo. I was born and raised in Norway and so I consider myself a Norwegian even though I’m technically Danish.

My online presence came to be when I moved out from home. My mom would wonder about my guitar playing, so I would send her little guitar videos. That was until a friend of mine told me about a new website called YouTube. No longer did I have to send the actual video file and deal with media players and unsupported file formats, I could just post the video online and send the link.

To my surprise, people other than my family and friends were also interested in my guitar videos. This encouraged me to improve the production quality of my videos which sparked my interest for photography and videography. After a decade of making guitar videos, I started to make videos on pretty much anything that interest me, and here we are today.

About Me

I’m quite a principled person, sometimes to the detriment of myself and those around me. I try as much as possible to make informed and conscious choices and as a result I tend to take the road less traveled, i.e., I use Linux, I’m vegan, I embrace minimalism, I rarely consume alcohol and I stay away from privacy violating social media platforms, I barely even use my mobile phone anymore.

About Music

I’ve always been fascinated with music, ever since playing cassettes on my yellow Sony Walkman as a kid. But what got me more serious about music was the purchase of my first guitar back in the year 2000, a dark blue/purple Mexican Fender Stratocaster. Although the guitar has been heavily modified through the years, it’s still with me, and I don’t think my life would’ve been the same today without it.

Music is fantastic in that it’s for everyone; young, old, male, female, straight, gay, rich, poor, it doesn’t matter. Music can even speak to us across our cultural and linguistic boundaries. I prefer to share my music for free as music is part of our culture and I believe culture is something everyone should have access to.

About Money and Minimalism

Many people believe that money = success. For me, being successful by our society’s standards means selling myself short of what I really want. Making money isn’t that difficult in itself, what’s difficult is earning it doing something you love. Success to me is being able to support myself through what I’m passionate about.

Having adopted more of a minimalist mindset, I’m quite content with less. I no longer need to structure my life around chasing the latest and greatest shiny thing and that frees up both money and time. As a result I can focus more time on what I want even though it’s less lucrative.

About My Mission

I’m not gonna lie… I added this header just to keep the alliteration going.

Even though I wouldn’t say that I have a clear defined ‘mission’, I hope that in one way or another I’m helping the world become a better place. In today’s modern society we’re so disconnected from reality and the effects of our actions.

By making conscious choices myself and putting myself out there, my hope is that it might rub off on anyone following me to make more conscious choices for themselves too. Whether that is making choices that help reduce the mistreatment and abuse of others, humans and animals alike, or making choices that reduce the chance of being mistreated by others.